Follow These Steps Carefully for Maximum Success!



Step 1/3: The Kickoff to Money

Start by opening an account on the EmpireOption website. There are plenty of of different binary broker sites available to trade binary options, but EmpireOption is the most intuitive and the easiet to use for beginners. I trade on EmpireOption every day and I see my capital growing constantly, thanks to the method explained in the video above in this page.


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Step 2/3:It’s All In The Strategy

My trading strategy is based on "trend control" or “follow trend”, a procedure used by many professionals and widely recognized for its effectiveness. An asset can increase or decrease when it’s pushed in one direction from large financial powers such as banks or investing funds. The essence of this procedure is very easy.

If the price history relative to a financial asset shows an increasing trend,  the probabilty that this growth will continue in the future is greater than the probability to show a decreasing trend. For this reason we will make a "CALL" on the growing asset. Obviously this must be applied in the reverse by making a "PUT" in the case of a decreasing trend too.

Identifying these trends in a graph is very simple, but it is extremely important to pay attention to the kind of graph that you are looking at.


Step 3/3: How Much I Have To Invest

I need to point out that it’s impossible to win each and every trade even if you follow the method that I provide. It’s absolutely normal to lose on some trades. There isn’t a trader in the world that always win.

However, the strategy is designed to allow you to have more wins than losses, resulting in an overall positive result on your accounts. It’s still possible that you will experience different losing trades in the same day and for this reason you have to follow the investment rules.


Each position that you will open can’t represent more than 5% of you entire capital.


If you have $200 on your account, each open position must have a maximum of $10

If you have $500 on your account, each open position must have a maximum of $25

If you have $2000 on your account, each open position must have a maximum of $100

If you have $5000 on your account, each open position must have a maximum of 250€

Results depend on realtime asset prices, you may forfeit a portion of your initial investment if the trade expires out-of-the-money. Binary Options enables you to trade online stock options, call options and put options both quickly and easily. Major stock markets are supported and online stock quotes update in real time. Whether you are a starting investor or a seasoned trader you will find the best stocks, call, put and online binary options investment solutions at Binary Options Online trading in the financial markets offers both potential rewards and the risk of loss. Prudence is advised. Never Trade digital options with funds you cannot afford to risk.